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Default TR: MassaWHAT? a VA/DC epic

This TR is directly copied and pasted from TGR, FYI. EPIC weekend, unbelievable for the southeast. marzski, sorry I didn't catch you again today- I thought I would see you at the bottom, but never managed to spot you again. Kaputt, missed you as well. Hope you got some good turns in.

Ladies and gentlemen, a VA/DC epic:

For those of us in the Mid-Atlantic, we dream of storms like this. We accept that skiing in VA, NC, WV, and PA will never be what we experience out west, will always be full of groomed slopes and gapers in camo. Vacation and money are used to fly to westward, to seek the powder that compels so many of us to strap on a pair of skis.

This weekend, if only for a fleeting couple days, some of the turns felt like they could have been had in the cottonwoods, the tetons, or the rockies. For those of us in the southeast, this is as good as its ever going to get.

The Mission: Massanutten, approximately 1000 ft of sphincter tightening gnar in central VA, west of Harrisonburg nestled next to the Shenandoah valley. Tell me this isn't intimidating terrain:

The trail of the day was Diamond Jim, and though the patrol had managed to do their best to track it out, the still left some pow for the masses.

Kind of missed the shot, but as you can see the turn right before this moment was pretty good:

Not quite there yet...

Yeah, thats it:

Uh...where am I? This cannot be VA:

White smooooooke:

The next day I found a hill with AT LEAST 30 ft of vertical. At least. But its the mid-atlantic, so thats like 3,000 ft adjusted, right?

Ahhhhhh pow is so sweet:

Boot boot boot boot boot boot:

I blame StroupSkier for passing on instruction from Gordy to always keeping my hands high:



Finally, we got back to DC and I couldn't resist tagging a spot I've been eyeing since we moved here: The Air Force Memorial. Here is what it looks like normally:

Well today, its getting poached. Booting up:

Gotta find those north facing slopes:

Comon, this had to happen. THE POINT:


Not very many times you will ever be able to take a picture like this:

I will end this TR with a picture that perfectly captures the weekend. In a couple weeks, I will be going to the Cottonwoods. For a few brief moments, I felt like the Cottonwoods came to us:

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EPIC!, indeed. Loving the DC claimage.
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Who was photoging? Tell me that you didn't go all Les Stroud on us.
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Photag was gf Sheri- she was awesome to follow me around with camera in hand for the past two days. HUDGE props to her.
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That ROCKS dude!!!!!!! GREAT TR!!!!!!!
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That black/white DC pic is absolutely awesome. Great TR as usual.
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Damn, if only I could have made it up there Saturday. Awesome stuff man.

Did you end up skiing Mass today? I was looking for the green jacket, but never saw it. ParaDice and Diamond Jim were real nice in the morning.

Hopefully I'll see ya around again in the future.
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Washington shot would be a great cover picture for a magazine or something reporting on the storm.
Southern Skiing
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epic is an understatement
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Awesome pics! Amazing to have that kind of powder in the southeast. I love the DC pics!
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Awesome TR!! Love the crazy shots in DC
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The 'Squach come through. Awesome TR. I like the DC shots.
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excellent pics, looks fantastic
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That last picture is kickass with the monument in it. Simply awesome- I'm so happy the SE peeps got some powder.

One question though... looks like you're on Movements and Moments (correct)? Where are the Lhasas?
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