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3/04/13 Canaan Valley Resort + Snowboarding whitegrass - Messageboard
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Default 3/04/13 Canaan Valley Resort + Snowboarding whitegrass

Couple days to spare until the next work project starts and conditions as good as they can get in our region. Have always heard how good the trees were at Whitegrass and wanted to give it a go.

Started out with first chair at Canaan this morning still lightly snowing with peeks of blue.
Riders choice powder left or groomer right.

Found some great powder stashes inside the resort but decided it was time to put the white snowboard away and go grab big red as it just floats through the deep stuff so much easier especially with some pretty tired legs already from snowshoe.

Constantly monitored the gate out into the sidecountry and whitegrass not wanting to go solo being unfamiliar with the territory.

Finally found some tracks heading out around 10 and motored out to try and catch up.Just enough pitch to skate out to the pipe.

Run into a group of 3 cross country guys . Break out the camera and they start dropping knees and hoots like the were groms as they passed.The snow was deep!
On the snowboard I had the full on powder bounce going on my run not hitting bottom at all on about 1/2 the turns.

Very cool group of guys who've been skiing here for 30 years.
"Follow us well break trail just might not want to walk in the skinner once we get up to Bald Knob and into WG" . 10-4 ..

After storming for the last four days the sky completely broke upon our summit .
Very stunning .

Very very stunning.

Long story short we chatted at the shelter they gave me the best advise on how to get down on the board and not unstrap and walk.

Have to edit the POV clip i took of the first descent cause Im making some silly noises.
Heres the end of the run .Moderate pitch, untracked and fluffy.

Such a beautiful place .

Open powder trees everywhere.

I took the steep 2 part tree run and the guys took the longer meandering trail and I linked up with them in the meadow .

My turn .

Meadow skipping bliss.

Exiting One last shot of trees down onto the valley floor .

Dork face

Eat a bunch of food ,put on lighter jacket rehydrate and hike back to the top.
Snack at the shelter and take the 20 minute descent after a 10 minute lift ride and 40 minute hike.
Well worth every step.(stepping over the skinner of course)

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Nice! Anyone up for it Sat?
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nICE -- THAT'S what I'm talking about. Great trip, Congrats

I hope some of my info helped -- I wish I'd made it


Wakeboarder, I wish I could make that too

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ughhhhhh man that looks great. Those pics are fantastic! Good work getting after it! I hurt on the inside seeing this, but I’m glad you had a great time. I have been in Idaho since the 28th skiing a 100+ inch base of snow that was rained on and then only a trace fell on top of it. Locals say that there is usually only 1 rain event up here Dec-March and I nailed it perfectly with no refresher. The lifties and lodging are free up here for me but it makes me sick to see stuff reasonably close to my house (5 hours) looking this good. Ughhhhhh. Having grown in in NE and lived in AL for 6 years this is the first time I have gone on a trip out west and felt like I was actually missing better quality skiing reasonably near where I lived that I could get to if I felt like it. I have told friends stationed out west that I would rather ski someplace that has plenty of fresh new snow, 1000 feet of fall line vert and 35 runs than some place out west with 2500+ feet vert, 100+ runs and no new snow for a week+ or worse rained on with no refresher.

It is so frustrating to get locked into a trip out west months ahead of time and then you have to take whatever the weather gives you while you are there. Those guys on here in Utah a few weeks ago had waist-chest deep blower pow. I have been to SLC over MLK weekend in January on a 700 inch year at Snowbird and had it rain to the summit turning everything into glacial ice. It was January and raining at 11,000 feet in Utah! I have also been to Jackson Hole Wyoming when the airport was closed for two days during a cycle that went something like 8, then 16 then 14 then 16, then 8 on consecutive days. During that trip had a total panic attack under the gondola on a major blue run because I wiped out and the blower was so deep I literally could not figure out what way was up or down and there was nothing firm to push against.

Luckily I chilled out and got my composure.

When it is good in this region you have to go get it because it can be fleeting. You went and got it. NICE WORK!

Looks like late season in WV will be money!

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This looks like fun. How long was the boot pack?

Oh, and the silly noises should be included. Fluff giddiness is next to godliness.
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Originally Posted by mmmtaters View Post
This looks like fun. How long was the boot pack?

Oh, and the silly noises should be included. Fluff giddiness is next to godliness.
I took my time and was just soaking in the experience and it was about 40 minutes hiking at a chill pace from the top of Canaan resort after a little slightly downhill skate for a few. Not much vert in the hike but more distance than it first appears when you get out there into the pipeline. .Im sure you could do it faster if you wanted . But utilizing the lift at Canaan is the best option for a snowboarder from what I could tell .

And thanks again Davidski for the tips + advice!
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Just sayin'
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Originally Posted by davidski View Post
Until I can throw a backflip at will I won't call anyone out, except to say -- deal with natural terrain you pussies
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Ridiculously beautiful....just fantastic!
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