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Default Sugar, Another Sunday Night 12/15/13

Robbie and I took an up and back Sugar trip last night. I snapped a few pics while I was there and, figured I may as well post.
Weather was in the mid 20's with flurries, a steady 15-20 mph wind, with the occasional gust around 30-40 mph. Cloud ceiling was low, so visibility was in and out. Mostly out, but it was only limited visibility.( I have been at Beech where I couldn't even see my skis, Let alone if I was on the trail lol.) Of course the blowers where set to max-range max-damage, and directed mid trail like they were trying to deter riots... But no biggie, we all know this time of year its par for the course. The trail conditions were quite variable at the first of the night. Some small drifts of fresh snow, (They were reporting 2 inches... I can vouch there was a good dusting.) Groomed, to hard pack, to ice; and of course it wouldn't be quite the southern variety bundle without the super 'grab&stop' wet snow, and the occasional death cookie. However, around 8:00pm everything became more consistent as the temps fell, and the skiing got much better.

All in all I have to say it was not the best trip I have had to Sugar in a many Sunday nights. That being said, the last Sunday trips made were last season in Jan/Feb. At that point in the year the base is solid, and the blowers are off. Sugar was hands down the best consecutive conditions I had last season, except for Canaan Valley during a monster Winter storm. Anyhow, aside from the ol' NC. "It is what it is.." it wasn't bad at all. I'm always just glad to get the chance to makes some turns. I had a blast regardless.

I apologize for the pics not being so clear. Was hard to keep that PoS Iphone stable w/ bare hands, low temps, high winds etc.

This was the scene right before we entered Boon on HWY421. It was clear skys all the way, but when I saw that, I knew...

First trip up... I wondered if they had even groomed.

New Super Polecats

Mid slope Siesta!

View down Northridge. LOL There was one of those old ear buster blowers screaming like an ear piercing banshee. They were probably pushing 3X GPH through it than its rated max.

Last ride up. Everyone else had apparently given up, we were the last ones there. Last trip down was nice, as a lot of the cut up stuff had filled in.

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First of all. Thanks for the TR. looks like you made the best of Sugar - which I have a hard time doing.

Now for my soapbox - All I could think about while looking at those pics - is how miserable that mountain can be with the guns.

There's a line between laying down snow/staying open, and having an enjoyable mountain to ski/ride on. Sugar has never even considered that line.

They blast those guns at a 12 degree angle onto the slopes, making it impossible to avoid. After two runs, you are an ice cube increasing your hard shell with every continuous run you make. I know a lot of people enjoy Sugar, but it's Monday and I feel like complaining about stuff.
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Thanks for sharing. Ill bring my camera to beech tonight.
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looking at the summit cam they seem to be blowing hard at the top is there a possibility of opening one of the blacks midweek before the warm weather returns?

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Nice TR. Reminds me of how brutal night skiing can be. The frozen beard says it all. But at least you made some turns, which makes it worth it.
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Finally a TR!

As much as I am wanting to go ski something right now I would not put up with that so I am just going to have to wait.

I am hoping to make a CV or maybe a Wisp run in early Jan. I am eager to see if CV's new improved snowmaking translates into them actually opening up terrain more quickly. So far it does not look that way.
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Sunset at beech
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nice shot
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Nice TR. Sweet pic of Beech Grizz.
Think snowmaking temps
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